New Mexico Youth Harmony Camp began in 2001 with a simple objective:  to introduce harmony into young people's lives.  Nearly two decades later, we are proud to say it has done more than just that.  NMYHC has influenced hundreds of youth from all over the state, creating in them an enduring love of music, giving them tremendous confidence as performers and leaders, and cultivating life-long friendships.


Professional Instruction

The directors and leaders of NMYHC are professional music educators and accomplished performers, all sharing a passion for harmony and the magic it brings to people's lives.  They give of their time year after year because they know the experience we offer at NMYHC changes lives.


It's All About the Music -- And the Fun!

Students work hard at learning their songs and singing them well.  But the reward is way beyond 'notes and words.'  Singing a cappella music is FUN! There is just something about the ringy buzz of a perfectly tuned chord, and the feeling you get when you work together with old and new friends to create something greater than any of you can do alone.  And we are committed to helping you become a better singer, whether you're experienced or starting from scratch.  Come join us!